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  • Saros Hotel

  • Saros Hotel is a hotel in Kesan,Turkey

    • Saros Hotel

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    • Location

      • Address: Pasayigit Cd. No:26
      • Longitude: 26.6335 Latitude: 40.853

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    • Hotel Features

      • In-Room Service, Dining Area / Restaurant, Car Parking Facilities, Lounge or Bar Area, Guest Elevators, Reception Open 24/7, Air Conditioning Available, Safety Box / Deposit Box, Photo-copying Facilities, Fax Services, WiFi Internet, Self Service Clothes Washing, Parking (Free).
    • Nearby Locations

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        Saros Hotel (lodging) @ Paşa Yiğit Cd, KEŞAN / EDİRNE
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        Son Şans Bar (establishment) @ Yukarı Zaferiye Mh., Keşan
        Keşan (locality) @ Keşan
    • Weather

      • Sunrise:04:39
      • Sunset:15:15
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Saros Hotel
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